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Kuwait: Witch loses custody of children
December 14 2011

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    The Personal Status Section of the Appeals Court nullified a woman's right to the custody of her two children and ordered the ex-husband must take over custody.

    Counselor of the ex-husband Attorney Mahdi Al-Rashidi urged the court to transfer the children's custody to their father because their mother practices sorcery, and the man is not at ease with the children being in her care.

    Evidence against the woman became strong when sorcery related materials were found in her possession, and she confessed those materials rescued her from problems. Also, the woman is said to be spending most part of the day outside and usually comes home late at night. For this reason, she was deemed unfit to take care of the children. The lawyer reiterated that a lower court had previously granted his client the right to divorce, and the children's paternal grandmother would take care of them.

Saudi Arabia: Woman dies after being beaten by "jinn"
December 17 2011

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    A Saudi woman said to be haunted by jinn (spirits) beat and tortured herself with fire until she fell unconscious and died later at hospital.

    The 40-year-old woman was admitted with severe burns and injuries to King Fahd hospital in the western town of Madina and doctors said they tried in vain to save her life.

    "We have determined that the woman beat herself up and tortured herself with fire because she is gripped by jinn," police spokesman Colonel Abdullah Al Sarani told the Saudi Arabic language daily Okaz.

    "Investigation showed the other members of her family are also controlled by jinn... we closed the case as no criminal act is involved."


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