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Message from ancpr (Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights) about the jailing of Christopher Robin,


    <<Hello, I have sent all of you, in a separate mailing, a copy of the news release we are issuing concerning the jailing of Christopher Robin, founder of the Purple Heart House in Hollywood, California.  Christopher is known to many of you, and I sincerely hope that those of you who subscribe to other mailing lists will forward these two posts on to other groups so that we can generate a large response to this outrageous act.  Below is a letter sent by ANCPR to Judge Ronald R. Schoenberg who sentenced Mr. Robin to jail.  I have included the address of his court chambers as well as the court's telephone number.  I urge each and every one of you to send your own letter to Judge Schoenberg, letting him know your thoughts on the jailing of this parents rights activist. I would also suggest you call the court at the number below, and ask to leave a message for the judge, telling the people there of your concern. Additionally, I have discovered the home address of the judge. If you would, send a second copy of your letter to his home. I want this man to know that we are paying attention to what he is doing, and that we intend to break through the barrier of anonymity that so many of these bureaucrats operate behind with impunity. This must stop. These people must be held accountable for the injustice that they perpetrate on decent human beings.

    Home Address of Judge Schoenberg:
    Ronald R. Schoenberg
    [deleted by liz] AVE
    LOS ANGELES CA 90049

    I want all of you to know that the planned protest in Santa Clarita at the College of the Canyons, 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road, is shaping up to be a huge success. We have it on good authority that nearly all of the local Los Angeles media will send crews.  ANCPR will stage a ceremonial burning of child support and custody orders to demonstrate our contempt for our nation's Family Courts. In light of the developments with Christopher Robin's imprisonment, we will begin with a burning of a miniature effigy of Judge Schoenberg, followed by a burning of our child support orders.

    If any of you are near enough to attend, I urge you to do so, and bring your families and friends.  There will be some sort of Town Hall meeting, or workshop, put on by a local Supervisor in L.A. County, Mike Antonovich, which is one of several swiftly organized after the expose that appeared in the Los Angeles Times last week which clearly demonstrated the utter failure of the child support enforcement system.  Unfortunately, but predictably, the main focus of the workshop will be to teach people how to petition for higher child support awards. We intend to change that, by sending in members who will point out to these people that custodial parents have the District Attorney to get more money for them.  What we want to know is how to correct the errors and injustices of the District Attorney!  How do we lower child support?  How do we increase parenting time?  How can we have the bills from the DA audited for accuracy, and how can we repair our credit after a false report of delinquency? These are the real questions that these people should be answering, and we're going to force the issue with them.

    I know many of you are not out here in the West (California). But I want you to know that these are national issues. The same things are happening in your jurisdiction. Too many of you are intimately familiar with the travails of Christopher Robin, and with the injustice of the child support collection industry. That's why I urge you to sit down right now and send off these letters to Judge Schoenberg.  Do it for yourselves.  Think of it as developing your activist muscles. Get in the habit of writing letters whenever you see injustice.  We have to do this, or it will only get worse.

    Wishing you all the best,

    Lowell Jaks


      Friday, October 23, 1998

      Hon. Ronald R Schoenberg
      Municipal Court
      Los Angeles District
      110 N. Grand Ave.
      Los Angeles, CA 90012-3014

      Phone: (213) 974-6111

      Dear Honorable Ronald R. Schoenberg,

      I was extremely concerned to hear of the incarceration of Christopher Robin, an internationally known advocate for parents' and fathers' rights.  The purpose of imprisonment for failure to pay child support is purportedly for the benefit of children, so that they will not suffer economic and social hardship.  In this case, I hardly see that this aim is relevant.  The mother is quite well to do, and enjoys a life style that Mr. Robin can only dream about. 

      It is my understanding that you jailed Mr. Robin for failing to agree to sell his interest in the Purple Heart House, of which he owns only a limited part, in order to pay off his $9000 child support arrears.  Can it be true that you would intentionally drive a man from his home, render him homeless and destroy all he has built, in order to pay a $9000 debt to a woman who is the daughter of a millionaire, lives in her mother's home free of charge, drives a new Lexus, and can afford an expensive Beverly Hills facelift?  Then, when he refuses such an outrageous demand, you sentence him to jail.  How exactly, Judge Schoenberg, is this in the best interest of the child?

      In addition to the financial inequities of this case, there is also the fact that to date, Mr. Robin has been prevented from seeing his child for over two years.  I am personally acquainted with Mr. Robin, and I can tell you that the idea that his spending time with his son would in any way endanger or harm that child is preposterous.  Christopher Robin is a caring, loving, sincere, and completely honest man who simply wants to be a father to his son.  

      I also fear for Mr. Robins health.  The stress of the separation from his son, combined with the anxiety that this trial and the resulting imprisonment has caused him may very well cause him irreparable injury.  

      I therefore urge you, in the name of human decency and justice, to immediately release Christopher Robin from jail, and order him re-united with his son.


      Lowell Jaks, ANCPR


    Wishing you all the best,

    Lowell Jaks

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    Parent's Rights Advocate Jailed

    ANCPR Calls For Immediate Release of Purple Heart House Founder

    10/22/98 10:15 PM

    On Friday, October 22, 1998, noted parent's rights advocate, Christopher Robin, was sentenced to a 30 day jail term by Los Angeles County Municipal Court Judge Ronald Schoenberg.  The judge, and Mr. Robin's court appointed Public Defender both had told him to sell his house in order to pay his child support arrears which amount to $9000.00.  The house in question is the Purple Heart House in Hollywood which has become well known to parents and father's rights groups internationally. Robin, who is reportedly only a part owner of the house, refused, and was subsequently sentenced to jail

    Christopher Robin is founder of the Purple Heart Foundation. The Purple Heart House, located at 2297 Holly Drive in Hollywood, California is a local landmark. The two story home is covered with Purple Hearts, each with the picture of a child who has been separated from his or her non-custodial parent as the result of a court ordered sole custody decree. To date there are well over 700 broken families commemorated on the walls of the house. The pictures have been sent from countries spanning the globe.

    The plight of Christopher Robin is particularly distressing in light of the wide disparity between his and his ex-wife's standard of living. His ex-wife, Brandy Robin, is the daughter of Joanne Hale, a millionaire, and CEO of the Gene Autry Museum. Brandy is reportedly living with her mother, working at a high paying job at Universal Studios, driving a new Lexus, and has recently had a facelift. In contrast, Christopher Robin is a voice coach with a very unstable income. He has also been denied any contact with his son for over two years.

    "We feel that the imprisonment of Mr. Robin is completely unjustified," said Lowell Jaks, President of ANCPR, the Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights.  "Not only is his child not suffering as the result of Christopher's unstable income, but we fear for Mr. Robin's health which has suffered due to the stress of this trial.  How, we ask, does jailing this man and further endangering his health benefit his child?  It is our suspicion that Judge Schoenberg actually has an agenda. He is sending a message to all parents who protest against the injustices of Family Court-Back off, or go to jail."

    ANCPR is calling on its 2500 members nationwide to wage a letter writing campaign, urging Judge Schoenberg to release Christopher Robin immediately and unconditionally. ANCPR will also call on Judge Schoenberg to order that Christopher Robin be re-united with his son.

    In a related matter, ANCPR is also calling on all interested parents to attend its protest march to take place on Saturday, October 24 from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM at the College of the Canyons, 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road in Santa Clarita. As part of the activities, leaders of ANCPR, along with other members and parents rights advocacy groups will stage a ceremonial burning of their child support and custody orders to demonstrate their contempt for a court system that is systematically destroying families. "We had originally planned to burn just our support orders," said Lowell Jaks. "But now, the first thing to burn will be a miniature effigy of Judge Schoenberg. We hope he gets the message. We're watching, we're paying attention, and we're ready to fight back."


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