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Feb 07, 2014:

The IRS scandal is real.

Jan 29, 2014:

About the "State of the Union"

Jan 20, 2014:

Answer Trey Gowdy's questions on Benghazi;
How the major media has dropped the ball

Jan 19, 2014:

Back to Benghazi
Foreseeable attack; conspiracy to do nothing

Jan 14, 2014:

About those psychs:

From "Psychiatrists make up only six percent of all doctors, yet they account for thirty-three percent of all the sexual crimes committed by doctors. In fact, the percentage of sexual molestation by psychiatrists is thirty-seven times greater than that of the general public...

"...the least likely people we should entrust our mental health to. Psychiatrists have the highest suicide rate of any profession, a rate twice the average of medical professionals. An estimated twenty-five percent commit sexual crimes. Of 800 psychiatrists convicted of a crime, forty three percent were convicted of fraud, theft and embezzlement. U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder, (CO) Chairwoman of the 1992 House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, said that she found that psychiatrists have implemented 'a systematic plan to bilk patients of their hard-earned dollars, strip them of their dignity, and leave them worse off than they were before they went for help.' And those were the patients who were not subjected to any sexual assault..."

From Psychology Today ( PDF ): "Why Shrinks Have Problems -- Suicide, stress, divorce -- psychologists and other mental health professionals may actually be more screwed up than the rest of us... Here's a theory that's not so crazy: Maybe people enter the mental health field because they have a history of psychological difficulties. Perhaps they're trying to understand or overcome their own problems... That alone could account for the image of the Crazy Shrink.

"Of the many prominent psychotherapists I've interviewed in recent months, only one admitted that he had entered the profession because of personal problems. But most felt this was a common occurrence...

"At least three out of four therapists have experienced major distress within the past three years, the principal cause being relationship problems. More than 60 percent may have suffered a clinically significant depression... "One out of every four psychologists has suicidal feelings at times, according to one survey, and as many as one in 16 may have attempted suicide. The only published data... showed a rate of suicide for female psychologists that's three times that of the general population... Further studies of suicides by psychologists have been difficult to conduct...

"'The APA doesn't want anyone to know that there are distressed psychologists,' insists University of Iowa psychologist Peter Nathan, Ph.D., a former member of an APA committee on 'troubled' psychologists..."

Dec 31, 2013:

Happy New Year, Ted Cruz:

Dec 20, 2013:

The Narratives: MUST-WATCH videos by Bill Whittle


Dec 07, 2013:

Lawless Obama:

Greta Van Susteren with Con Law Prof Nicholas Rosenkranz:

Dec 06, 2013:

Lawyer Harvey Silverglate on academic free speech
(What's wrong with censorship and speech codes):

Nov 29, 2013:

The family Thanksgiving discussion.

Unanimous. Obamascare is a turkey.

Nov 25, 2013:

All over the news today. Clapclapclapclap Covered California.

The true believers are still standing on the hill. Incredible. According to CNN Money, forty percent of the 80,000 "signups" (note not "enrolled") are Medi-Cal. Half of the rest are to be subsidized (i.e. taxpayer funds to subsidize insurance company profits). Whoops wait... Covered Cal honcho being interviewed on Fox News says "a lot more than 80,000 signups... 135,000 actually enrolled". Whoops wait... that would be 135,000 newly enrolled in Medi-Cal. Doesn't answer the actual question.

So of the one million people who lost their policies in California and have no choice but to go to the exchange (and why only 360,000 registrants then?), half are facing higher premiums, higher deductibles and co-pays, and less insurance coverage as far as available doctors and hospitals in the limited networks. (But hey, guys, you can have free mammograms.) And some unstated but very large percentage of the touted signups or "enrollees" (hard to tell with all the waffling) aren't necessarily even from this group but are Medi-Cal. Meanwhile, those with group and employer plans can look forward to losing their insurance or suffering higher out-of-pocket costs and lesser quality insurance too in the coming year. Yay! California is wonderful.

What the fuck about this is "working"? A freaking website? Successful marketing putting more people on the public dole? Why didn't we just put them on the public dole and skip the rest of the crap? The hope to get low-information progressive millenials and struggling middle-class families to pay the huge sneaky indirect tax burden? Cram and shove that hope and change.

Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry are busily creating more signature achievements: screwing over Israel, and effectively redistributing billions to Iran... Happy Thanksgiving.

Nov 17, 2013:



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