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Make America Great Again! -- Donald J. Trump 2016

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Oct 21, 2016:

"The Crossroads of Our History"

Oct 08, 2016:

Bill Whittle debates Hillary, 6 part must-watch series



Oct 06, 2016:

She helped kill bin Laden?

Apologies to Richard F. Miniter, because I have to quote so much of his magnificent post today at AT about the Vice Presidential debate, The Marking of Kaine:
[I]t was disgusting to hear Tim Kaine bleat about Hillary's "leadership" by grabbing the tail of Obama's 2012 election boast that he killed Osama bin Laden. Hillary, Kaine insists, was part of the "security team" (whatever that is) and so helped kill bin Laden, too.

Let's get this straight -- it was a lie then that Obama, unassisted or not by some "security team," killed Osama bin Laden, and it's a lie now.

SEAL Team Six killed Osama bin Laden...

If you see this as mincing words, remember June 6, 1944. Did FDR get on the radio and claim that he had invaded France that morning? No, he got on the radio and led the nation in the Lord's Prayer in honor of those brave men doing the job.

Did Winston Churchill claim he shot down all those Nazi planes and saved England during that first awful summer of the war?...

Maybe the most poignant example is Robert E. Lee, always outnumbered and outgunned, winning victory after victory yet never once taking credit... [but] when things fell apart for him at Gettysburg... cried, "It is all my fault."

Write those examples down on your forehead backwards, Kaine, so you can read them every morning in the mirror. If you can stand the sight of yourself.

Because that's leadership.

Sep 28, 2016:

I've spent decades fighting corruption in government and the courts...

So why in hell would I be a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Sep 23, 2016:

How Many People Now Have Died Because
Obama and the Media Lied About Trayvon Martin?

Jack Cashill has a must-read article today at AT, The Lie that Launched Black Lives Matter" PDF:

As Kasparian envisioned the action, Zimmerman called 911 and said "there was someone in the gated community who looks very suspicious, i.e. a young black man who makes me uncomfortable." Apparently to ease his discomfort, "George Zimmerman decides to go ahead and shoot the 17-year-old black boy in the chest which led to his death."

"Oh, my God," gasped her co-host Cenk Uygur. "He just shot him?"

"He just shot him," affirmed Kasparian, who then pontificated, "I get so angry when people deny there is racism in this country"...

If Obama had called attention to the... fractures in Martin's domestic life, his suppressed criminal record, his all but unseen descent into drugs and violence, and especially his reckless attack on Zimmerman, Obama could have sent a powerful message to black America. But he did not.

He went with the lie...

Pre- the "Black Lives Matter" riots and murders, I recall that what distressed me most at the time were the forensic psychs who couldn't manage to see the truth in what was a criminal law case. Who knew it would get worse.

Sep 16, 2016:

All the Medal of Honor winners and flag officers
endorsing Donald Trump are Irredeemable Deplorables

Re the birther thing that the media actually gathered to trumpet -- they were fooled into covering this event per their marching orders from Clinton campaign for her weekend's planned theme -- make yet another to-do of minutiae with yet more en masse lies anti-Trump. And so the sycophants all trotted into a cauldron maneuver. Clinton's 2008 campaign started the "birther conspiracy", although Obama gave it teeth by, among other things, claiming in his book bio that he was "born in Kenya". In the linked article, "Confessions of a Hillary Insider", Larry Johnson writes:

"It is true that I once believed Hillary was qualified by virtue of experience to be President. I was wrong and have written about my error in judgment. Her dishonesty and the incompetence she demonstrated while Secretary of State have convinced me beyond any doubt that she cannot be trusted with the power of that office... [M]y focus here is in exposing the cynical propaganda that Hillary Clinton is trying to foist on the uninformed voter."

Sep 11, 2016:

I'm an Irredeemable Deplorable

Aug 22, 2016:

Does the Truth Matter?

Aug 19, 2016:

There is a "debate" about what motivates Islamic terrorism only in the minds of arrogant, ignorant, ethnocentric fools

Political scientist Andrew Gripp writes The Debate is Over: ISIS States Its Primary Motivation is Religion, not Western Foreign Policy:
For years, however, making this case has been a challenge. This is in part because al-Qaeda was intentionally speaking to both sides in this debate. As the scholar Raymond Ibrahim demonstrates in The Al Qaeda Reader, the terrorist group would regularly frame its grievances in political terms when broadcasting its message to the West (so as to insinuate that once the West withdrew, peace would come).

Yet when speaking to the Muslim world, the group would make highly sophisticated religious arguments, explaining why its actions, however reprehensible on their face, were in fact justified by a close reading of the holy texts.

Obama and Clinton -- who lie continually and shamelessly about virtually everything -- continue to insist that terrorist teachings are a distortion of Islam. Dar el Salam. The religion of "peace", which actually refers to the peace on earth that will ensue when Islam reigns supreme, and nonbelievers have been wiped out. Raymond Ibrahim, author of The Al Qaeda Reader, notes that "As I wrote in the book's preface ten years ago:
This volume of translations [The Al Qaeda Reader], taken as a whole, proves once and for all that, despite the propaganda of al-Qaeda and its sympathizers, radical Islam's war with the West is not finite and limited to political grievances -- real or imagined -- but is existential, transcending time and space and deeply rooted in faith."
Only ignorant and arrogant fools superimpose their own perspectives and values on others who don't share them. The assumption that everyone believes similarly and is motivated similarly is culturally dismissive and narrowminded ethnocentrism -- not empathy. It is long past the time for our politicians and the media to stop making believe.

Aug 14, 2016:

Refugee, an art exhibit

Aug 08, 2016:

Trump on the economy:

Aug 04, 2016:

It was European Christian ideals that outlawed slavery.
(I.e. white men.) Not Africans. Not Muslims.

Americans should be proud, not apologetic.

Slavery has existed in the human race from time immemorial. The Romans enslaved the Greeks. The ancient Hebrews enslaved peoples who were captured, as did innumerable other societies from ancient times forward. The Muslim slave trade in Africa -- aided and abetted by dominant tribes against other tribes of their own "race" -- existed for hundreds of years before the Europeans entered into it (including captured slaves of all races) and continues to exist in various forms to this very day.

For decades, people in the United States have been taught to feel shame about the fact that America had slavery* because it is in direct opposition to the notion that America is better than that -- the recognition that our Constitution and foundational ideals are, in fact, superior.

The take-away that too many Americans have gleaned from their deficient public schooling is that slavery and the slave trade was something that mostly only Europe (for a short time) and America did. But slavery was not invented in Europe or America, and slavery in America was not founded in "racism" and was not unique. So take note: the only time in history that hundreds of thousands of people -- in this case, mostly white men of European descent -- suffered and died in order to abolish slavery was in the American Civil War.

Unfortunately, thanks to nearly eight years of our Community Organizer in Chief and his minions of race-baiters, this country now is experiencing a resurgence of racial divide and unrest, fanned and fomented by Democratic party operatives trying to excite the masses to get out and vote for Hillary.

Slavery: Racially Incorrect Facts:

The very first legal slave owner in America was one Anthony Johnson -- a black man... only 1.4 percent of the total white population consisted of slave owners, and only 4.8 percent of the white Southern population did...

In the city of New Orleans alone, more than 3,000 blacks owned slaves. That is, 28 percent of the free black population consisted of slave holders...

Europeans didn't get involved with African slavery until the 15th century -- very late in the game, historically speaking. For at least the preceding 800-900 years, Arab Muslims had been trafficking in African slaves... with the cooperation of African leaders who had been enslaving their fellow Africans for even longer than this...

Europeans Abolished Slavery; Africans and Muslims Still Practice It:

Arab affinity for slavery, ethnic prejudice and purges lives on today in the treatment, for example, of blacks in Darfur and Yazidi Kurds in Iraq...

At its most savage, child slavery still thrives in Haiti in the form of the "Restavec system." ...In the Anglo-American and European worlds this would be considered perverse in the extreme; in Haiti owning a Restavec is a status symbol...

The cult of apology that has gripped America and Britain is uniquely Western. What other people would agonize over events they had no part in, personally, for damages they did not inflict?

        * [Indentured servitude and abusive child apprenticeships were other very real, widespread and often overlooked forms of American slavery because they were not blatantly racial or at issue in the Civil War.]

Jul 30, 2016:

Remembering PRAVDA

Our American PRAVDA is the natural evolution of the growth of astroturfing, thanks to the internet. Larry Johnson nailed it yesterday with his piece on the coverage of the Democratic Convention:
PRAVDA is Alive and Well in America:

If you are over the age of 55 you probably remember the former Soviet "News" Organization, PRAVDA (i.e. TRUTH) when it was the organ of communication for the Communist Party.

PRAVDA symbolized the Soviet penchant for lying about the realities in their country. PRAVDA, for example, would put out stories touting incredible economic growth and stores overflowing with consumer goods...

The media labored valiantly to portray the Democrat Convention as the greatest thing to happen to America... [and] the notion that a woman described by the FBI Director as "reckless" and "ignorant" when it comes to handling classified information is in fact some sort of All Star for the Presidency...

And more from Sharyl Attkisson, about the skewed media coverage of protesters at the respective Republican and Democrat gatherings: Media exaggerated anti-Trump protests.

Youtube video shows hundreds of reporters covering handfuls of demonstrators at a Trump rally. The leaked DNC emails
praised the media coverage of the staged protesting, but fretted
that "going forward, when our allies screw up and don't deliver bodies in time, we either send all our interns out there or we stay away from it.. we don't want to own a bad picture." Meanwhile, where was the coverage of the really big -- and real -- protests inside and outside the Democratic convention? As sparse as possible.

Attkisson's Top 10 Astroturfers:

The many ways that corporations, special interests and political interests of all stripes exploit media and the Internet to perpetuate astroturf is ever-expanding...

Astroturfers often disguise themselves and publish blogs, write letters to the editor, produce ads, start non-profits, establish Facebook and Twitter accounts, edit Wikipedia pages or simply post comments online to try to fool you into thinking an independent or grassroots movement is speaking. They use their partners in blogs and in the news media in an attempt to lend an air of legitimacy or impartiality to their efforts.

Astroturf's biggest accomplishment is when it crosses over into semi-trusted news organizations that unquestioningly cite or copy it...

  • Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Everytown

  • Media Matters for America

  • UC Hastings Prof. Dorit Rubenstein Reiss, Philly Children's Hospital's Dr. Paul Offit

  • "Science" Blogs such as:,, (Respectful Insolence), and

  • Mother Jones

  • and

  • White House press briefings and press secretary Josh Earnest

  • Daily Kos and The Huffington Post

  • CNN, NBC, New York Times, Politico and Talking Points Memo (TPM)

  • MSNBC,, LA Times and Michael Hiltzik, Jon Stewart.

Here's more outing of American PRAVDA, thanks to the ever-conscientious reporting of investigative journalist Attkisson (one of the few truly neutral and objective reporters we still have):

35 Facts (and Controversies) About Zika:

An Argentina doctors' group said Brazil's rash of microcephaly was noticed shortly after some communities began using the larvicide "Pyriproxyfen" in drinking water... The doctors' group said it received a letter from Monsanto threatening legal action...

Some in the health sector have questioned a possible link to microcephaly and Tdap vaccine introduced into the regimen for pregnant women in Brazil in late 2014...

The Obama administration has requested about $1.9 billion to fight Zika. Half the requested taxpayer funds are for Zika projects outside of the U.S... Congress and the Obama administration agree that at least $140 to $200 million tax dollars should go to Zika vaccine development...

Jul 24, 2016:

Race-baiting press:

Jul 23, 2016:

Why secular-seeming ("bad") young Muslims are susceptible to
"radicalization" and more likely to commit terrorism and violent
jihad: Islam has no other guarantee of "salvation".

Jul 22, 2016:

Fourth night of the RNC, the MSM is still trying to throw cold water

Someone needs to tell the some of the pundits on the various TV stations that they actually sound pretty stupid trying to come off as sophisticated -- Rachel Maddow in particular, although Megyn Kelly has been no prize lately. I wonder why all the "news coverage" of the event, cutting off or out speeches and adding in irrelevant commentary when most people could have just listened to the uninterrupted thing on C-Span... I guess they were hoping for some kind of exciting predicted rioting that didn't happen. I have a difficult time believing that most people want or need ignorami to interpret what they can see and hear for themselves. Flipping through the channels at the end, I noticed that many of the punditry voices had a weary and deflated quality.

Meanwhile the written media continuously has been "fact checking" or otherwise desperately focusing on minutiae. It's like there's a hurricane devastating the area, but screaming headlines are all about how it's a "lie" that the roads are impassable because a few roads can be found that do not have flooding or downed trees or telephone poles, and the lead story is all about analyzing how little Sally forgot to turn off the iron before the family left for a shelter.

Jul 19, 2016:

Trump, Jr. at RNC:

        Lt T anniversary edition...


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