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by Robin Yeamans, Esq.

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They fight back:

The "experts" have been ignoring the picketing parents for more than two years.  They ignored all the arguments and all the reasoned explanations of why it is wrong to favor abusers.  They just grunted and ate at the gravy train which is the divorce industry in Santa Clara County -- sending out bills backed up by court orders.

But the presiding judge of all the Superior Courts finally gave some heed to the complaints.  He threw the worst psychologist, Michael Jones, off the select list of 12 Ph.D. psychologists who were allowed to do psychological evaluations in this county.  That got their attention!

The possible end of the gravy train sent the rats scurrying to rally their forces.  80 people signed a petition which both asked the court to restore this psychologist to the list and attacked attorney Robin Yeamans.  

The petition follows.  When references are made to "respected" personnel, those are the in-crowd at court who have received the munificence of the court.  When they refer to a "local" attorney, that is Robin Yeamans.  They accuse people of libeling and threatening them -- but they sure haven't brought any lawsuits to back up any of this.  And you can bet they would if they could.

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