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Document 00311:
Anthony, Susan B: On Woman's Right to Suffrage- 1873

Document 005:
Anthony, Susan B: re The Woman's Bible - 1896

Document 006:
Catt, Carrie Chapman: Declaration of Principles - 1904

Document 007:
Catt, Carrie Chapman: League of Women Voters Formed - 1918

Document 0102:
Chisholm, Shirley: Speech on the Equal Rights Amendment - 1969

Thelizlibrary.org does not endorse Hillary Clinton for any 
office. We believe that at best she is unqualified, dishonest, and without accomplishments of note. The items on this
page are historical archives from Irene Stuber's website (RIP) Document 014:
Clinton, Hillary Rodham: speech in Beijing, China - 1995

Document 015:
Clinton, Hillary Rodham: speech at the Fourth U.N. conference in Beijing, China - 1995

Document 017:
Clinton, Hillary Rodham: speech at Seneca Falls - 1998

Document 001:
Elizabeth I: "I have the Heart of a King." - 1588

Document 011:
Glaser, Elizabeth: A Woman's View: Dying of AIDS - 1992

Document 0063:
Goldman, Emma: Speech on Patriotism - 1908

Document 0064:
Harris, Mary "Mother Jones": Speech to West Virginia Coal Miners - 1912

Document 0061:
Kelley, Florence: Against Child Labor - 1905

Document 018:
King, Angela E. V.: Opening remarks to the U.N. on women's issues - 2001

Document 010, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Leslie, Frank (Miriam Florence): Will and related documents - 1917-1929

Document 00641:
Pankhurst, Emmeline on suffrage - 1913

Document 0101:
Roosevelt, Eleanor: Civil Liberties Speech before the ACLU - 1940

Document 013:
Shalala, Donna: Speech in Beijing, China - 1995

Document 0065:
Shaw, Rev. Anna Howard: What is a Republic - 1915

Document 002:
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady: Declaration of Sentiments - 1848

Document 003:
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady: Keynote Speech - 1848

Document 004:
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady: The Solitude of Self - 1892

Document 0041 et seq.:
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady: The Women's Bible - 1895

Document 008 et seq.:
Stopes, Marie: Married Love - 1918

Document 0031:
Stone, Lucy: Progress Report - 1856

Document 016:
Stuber, Irene: Rebels aren't always skinny little men wearing bandanas... - 1995

Document 0062:
Terrell, Mary Church: "The Colored Man's Paradise" - 1906

Document 012:
Toscano, Margaret Merrill: "What other judgment can I judge by but my own?" - 1993

Document 0011 et seq.:
Wollstonecraft, Mary: A Vindication of the Rights of Women - 1792

Document 009:
Woman's Rights Party: Platform - 1922

Document 010, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Young, Rose: The Frank Leslie Will and related documents - 1917-1929

Women's Military History



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