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Update your will or trust. Avoid probate with a quit claim or ladybird deed. Experienced lawyer in Coconut Creek near Wynmoor, Township and Palm Aire. Call if you need a special needs trust or amendment to your estate planning. Review documents from out-of-state. Update your durable power of attorney. Did you get a bad decision in a family law case? We're here to help. Appeals.

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Information for those seeking legal representation in Broward County, Palm Beach County, or Miami-Dade Florida, or Florida law legal consultation, can be found at the Law Offices of Elizabeth J. Kates, Esq. See the website for collaborative lawyers in Florida if you are interested in collaborative family law.

Did you get a bad decision in a family law case? We're here to help. We do family law appeals in all Florida courts.

Need to protect your heirs with a revocable living trust or special needs trust, or update your will? Call an experienced estate planning lawyer in Broward County, Florida (Pompano Beach - Coconut Creek near Wynmoor, Township and Palm Aire).

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This website contains information, research, scholarship, and arguments pertaining to public policy and legal issues, much of it gathered by attorney and academic work groups in different jurisdictions. It is not intended to reflect specifics of actual laws, substantive or procedural, currently in force in any jurisdiction. The information is intended for use by scholars, lawyers, and activists, and is not presented as legal advice. Child custody issues are interconnected with issues of maternity, pregnancy, primary caregiving, parental alienation, child development (education and attachment issues), father's rights, and other family law issues, as well as those involving forensic psychologists, guardians ad litem (GALs) and other mental health professionals in the family court system, so check related sections in the Site Index, including those on psychology for relevant material. The liznotes index page on family law contains links to recommended off-site locations as well as the on-site articles. There also are extensive pages on this website on women's history, suffrage, women's rights documents from the first wave of feminism, and women's military history. In the sections on research and psychology, the guardians ad litem; parenting coordinators; custody evaluators, information involves the various forms of so-called ADR (alternate dispute resolution) practiced by forensic psychologists (child custody evaluators), parenting coordinators, collaborative lawyers, parenting evaluators, recommending mediators, special masters, court-ordered therapists, court-appointed mental health professionals, supervised visitation centers, and other profiteers of "therapeutic jurisprudence", whose methods involve intrusion and coercion under the threat of court sanctions, and actual or de facto extra-judicial decision-making. This website heavily criticizes these practices, which have multiple things wrong with them, not the least of which is denigration of justice, and the diminution of a publicly observable, regulated, and appealable "rule by law" by substituting caprice for evidence and due process. Website sponsored by Elizabeth J. Kates and