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Make America Great Again! -- Donald J. Trump 2016

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Feb 12, 2017:

Best thing at the Grammies:

Joy Villa at the Grammies in I've had enough of awards shows in which the same people whose visages have become insufferable applaud themselves, pretend that what they are doing is hugely important, and spout their ignorance-based anti-Trump political opinions.

This was refreshing, even if (there are now claims) Joy Villa was just sarcastically marketing. (See WND.) There are lots of Obama voters who currently support Trump, and even more who are afraid to admit they do.

UPDATE: Feb 16, 2017: Sales are soaring.

Feb 07, 2017:

Democrats agreeing with Trump's position on immigration.

Pretty amazing, isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice if politicians didn't betray the public in favor of the people who give them money, such as George Soros, corporate globalists, etc. Wouldn't it be nice if the partisan deranged as well as the merely misguided who are reflexively anti-anything-Republican, would get a brain tune-up and some insight. (Maybe stop getting your news from astroturfers as well as special interests that publish crap under the names and logos of media that don't exist any more.)

Feb 02, 2017:

Stolen Supreme Court Seat

Merrick Garland's seat is being occupied by Sonia Sotomayor. Affirmative action has its consequences. I'm confident that Trump would be willing to accept her offer to step down conditioned upon his appointing Garland in her place.

Jan 30, 2017:

The Truth About Trump's "Muslim Ban"


Jan 27, 2017:

Nationalism? As... in... like... 1776?

To be granted a permanent resident visa in Mexico, applicants must have certain close family connections in Mexico, apply for retirement status and prove they have sufficient monthly income (or substantial assets), have 4 consecutive years of regular status as Temporary Resident, or meet other stringent criteria that show that admitting the immigrant is in Mexico's interests.

Mexico has a lot of nerve to be complaining about U.S. policy. It's hypocrisy that counts on support from ignorami in the United States. The new leftist talking point is that more Mexicans return to Mexico these days than immigrate illegally. Maybe so. I don't know. But it's irrelevant because (for money) Mexico deliberately and affirmatively facilitates the entry into Mexico, the passage through Mexico, and the sneak entry into the United States of illegals from South America, Africa, the Middle East, and elsewhere, and makes it our problem. Matthew Vadum has a good article today at, Mexican Standoff. But:

Mexican law makes it a felony to be present without permission anywhere in that country. Political activism by illegals is forbidden. Those who use fake documents to enter Mexico are jailed... Only foreigners deemed useful to Mexico are allowed in "according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress." Immigrants to Mexico must be able to support themselves and their dependents...
Mexico also is economically dependent on both exports to the United States and cash remittances sent back from the United States.
The Mexican government provides "survival kits" and maps to those seeking to sneak into the U.S... a 32-page book called "The Guide for the Mexican Migrant"... explained to would-be border jumpers how to evade U.S. law enforcement...

[Each year Mexico receives] $25 billion in hard currency that the millions of Mexicans in the U.S. who can't find work in Mexico send in the form of cash remittances... [A] motherlode of greenbacks... constitutes "30 percent of Mexico's foreign investment, rivaling tourism in importance to the Mexican economy"...

Jan 26, 2017:

True the Vote!

Rampant voting fraud, in multifarious forms, and primarily in Democrat enclaves, does indeed exist. Below are two videos of Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of the non-profit True the Vote. The second video, of Engelbrecht's testimony in Congress is remarkable. Recall that True the Vote famously filed suit in federal court charging that the IRS was targeting and slow-walking conservative groups' non-profit applications under the Obama-controlled bureaucracy. Apparently fearful of the outing of institutionalized Democrat voter fraud the run-up to the 2012 presidential election, the Obama administration not only failed to grant Engelbrecht's group non-profit status, but also abusively visited multiple agency investigations upon her and her family, including the FBI and ATF. The lawyers for True the Vote were instrumental in outing these Obama shenanigans in his "scandal-free" administration.

(Of course the federal bureaucratic perpetrators of these crimes, from Lois Lerner to other individuals responsible in the politicized IRS, DOJ, FBI, and other Obama agencies, never were brought to justice. The main stream media then and now continues to ignore or downplay these facts, as it regularly did with all of the corruption and criminal acts in the Obama administration.)


For more information on voting fraud and other irregularities, also see the excellent article today by Karin McQuillan on the American Thinker blog -- many cites to other articles and research -- Voter Fraud Denial.

And note: I previously wrote here about my own eye-opening first-hand experiences with the voting fraud issue December 19, 2016, in connection with a commentary about media "fact checker" bias:

I worked as a poll attorney in Broward County, Florida on election day. In my small area alone, I stopped perhaps thousands of discarded ballots from being saved in readable format...

In multiple precincts in Detroit it now has been proved that somehow there were more votes than there were signed-in voters. This is precisely the outcome that would have occurred in Broward County had saved discarded ballots later been fed into the voting machines.

California... logged votes so overwhelmingly Democrat that this state alone could account for more than ALL of Clinton's "popular vote victory" margin... throughout 2016, along with California's new law giving illegal aliens driver licenses, there was a widespread heavy push to do "motor voter" registration, which in no way adequately (or at all) checked citizenship. Recall that sweet interview in which, when asked what he thought about "undocumented citizens" "afraid to vote" because of fear of being deported, Obama responded that all citizens have the right to vote and there is no cross-checking with immigrant databases. (More on California voting fraud.)

Given the above, coupled with the insane, often vicious, hysterics emanating post-election out of some of these Democrat areas, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind of widespread Democratic voting fraud in California and other Democrat strongholds. (In other words, we don't actually know whether, or to what extent, Hillary actually "won the popular vote" with valid legal votes.)

UPDATE: Jan 28, 2017 -- Multiple proofs of widespread voter fraud by Project Veritas:

Jan 20, 2017:


Can you hear us now?

Jan 17, 2017:

Three more days...

Image from Conservative Treehouse.

Jan 10, 2017:

Ten more days... ten more days...

Obama allowing massive new numbers of "migrants" as well as illegals into U.S... Obama surreptitiously authoring and then allowing a UN diss of Israel... Obama making (suddenly necessary?) big noise at Russia and building up NATO (U.S.) forces in eastern Europe on Russian border... Iran hassling our ships in international waters to the point where our destroyer has to fire warning shots... Obama sneak shipping uranium to Iran sufficient for ten nuclear bombs... Obama seizing land in Utah under the guise of "national park"... and many new regulations, especially anti-oil and anti-jobs "suddenly" becoming necessary after eight years... The evictee is peeing on the floors and doing all he can to trash the premises before leaving.

Jan 05, 2017:

Can we please remember that no one needs "medical insurance"?

What they need, sometimes, is "medical care".

The laws should require transparency in pricing, and forbid fraudulent or disparate costs from being charged to individuals and insurance companies. (E.g. if you have insurance, your "co-pay" likely is based on a fraudulently overstated fee. E.g. if you pay cash, you are being billed a fraudulently overstated fee.) All "medical care" costs (appropriately defined) -- and medical insurance premiums -- should be deductible. Anyone who incurs or will incur a documented amount of out-of-pocket "medical care" costs for themselves of a dependent (appropriately defined) that exceeds or will exceed a set percentage of their (and if applicable, their dependent's) income AND assets within the space of a twelve-month period should have the right to apply for a government-subsidizd program, whether cash, direct pay, and/or loans, covering the excess of these costs as well as the pre-existing condition (only) thereafter, so that the individual does not have to completely impoverish himself going forward in order to meet ordinary medicaid eligibility. The benefit should have sufficient "gaps" such that it does not discourage responsible behaviors.

No 100% of "routine maintenance" or diagnostic tests, or unnecessary items should be included in any government-subsidization program. Without co-pays, people spend frivolously. (Does your auto insurance cover oil changes and detailing?) The medical insurance market itself should be substantially de-regulated (regulations should go to assuring that people understand the pros and cons of what they are buying and the coverages.) Let employers offer deductible non-taxable medical coverage as fringe benefits to employees and families to the extent or not they wish. Set up the medical subsidy program to commence on a date certain in the future (e.g. 18 months), forbid any current plan changes without the consumer's consent until the date certain, and publicize the rules. And then get to work on reforming Medicare so that low-income workers are not subsidizing millionaires as they do now.

Insurance is something that should help cover only catastrophic events.

Jan 01, 2017:


A must-read at Conservative Treehouse. Sundance has put together the evidence that Obama and company actually facilitated the rise of ISIS. I suspect that we will find out worse as time goes by.

Absolutely Stunning –- Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry
Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS

There are moments within investigative research when your jaw can stand agape as you recognize the scope of what you are reading or hearing. A brutally down-played audio of Secretary John Kerry is just such an occasion...

Paul Ryan - Eddie Munster

Dec 31, 2016:

The start of a new era!
Happy New Year all!


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